About Dr Anna

Senior Development Technologist

I joined the QA department of Glanbia Cheese in 2002, having previously worked in life/environmental sciences, and as a research biochemist. A few months later I was recruited into the first New Product Development position based at the site, and from then I single-handedly provided the NPD function on the site until 2006, when the team expanded to provide support.

My role is an exciting mix of technical, commercial and creative elements and is often customer-facing, requiring me to confidently demonstrate products developed by myself and our team. I also act as Glanbia Cheese’s ‘Development Chef’ as part of the innovation process and programme that our NPD and Commercial teams continually advance throughout each year.

From the more technical perspective, I am, for example, testing and trialling ingredients, flavours, shred formats, changes to process points, packaging, or developing existing product lines to become more commercially viable. It’s fun, non-routine, ever evolving work that can involve travel to customers in the UK and Europe. I am also a Health and Safety internal auditor and department representative, so my work is very varied and is always evolving in some way. I’m lucky enough to work in a great team.