Dominos Netherlands launches new stuffed crust in partnership with Glanbia Cheese.



Dominos Netherlands have launched their version of the now famous Dominos Stuffed Crust (the cheesy crust). This uses a bespoke recipe of string cheese developed by Glanbia Cheese in partnership with the Dominos NPD team.

This builds on the success that Dominos UK has enjoyed since the launch in 2011, the new recipe builds on the UK team's success by intensifying the "cheesy" flavour of the Stuffed Crust offering.

Speaking about the launch, Aurelie Bennehard, European Sales Manager commented: "This is a very exciting development for us and our String Cheese facility in Northern Ireland. We are delighted to be able to provide such an innovative solution to help the Dominos team in the Netherlands drive sales forward in this tough financial climate".

As well as through the line marketing support, the Cheesy Crust is one the two key promotions offered online, with consumers offered the chance to trial for only €1.95

With both the NPD and field support offered along with a genuinely world beating product, we look forward to success both in the Netherlands, as well as extending this to other markets in Europe in the future.