Glanbia Cheese multi-million pound investment in the future

Investments to both boost capacity and also construct the infrastructure to allow future growth

Europe loves pizza. As Europe's leading mozzarella manufacturer we are investing in that enduring love story.

To both keep pace with the future growth of both new and existing customers while also recognising that the output from our existing farming partners has also increased, Llangefni has benefitted from a £5m investment to future proof the site well into the long term.

Capacity was substantially increased with replacement of the older smaller vats boosting both the total output and further improving the quality of our world class mozzarella.

In addition, significant investment was put in place in the whey processing facility to maximise returns of this valuable ingredient. At the same time major infra-structure work was completed to ensure that the milk intake and waste management departments are properly equipped to deal with future growth efficiently and sustainably.

Paul Vernon CEO commented,

As a long term business, we are committed to continuing growth of our mozzarella business across Europe. The Llangefni Capacity Upgrade Project was delivered on time and budget and we were back running without any delay -a testament to great planning and execution by our Projects and Operations Teams'#