String Upgrade

Major investment in stuffed crust string capability.

Driven by increasing consumer demand for customisation coupled the desire to offer our customers differentiated and exciting offerings, Glanbia Cheese has invested heavily in the future.

With almost £200k spent upgrading current technology, this boosts the precision of application and opens up adding particulates that were previously impossible to achieve. Glanbia Cheese string plant now has the capability to offer the following option with the mozzarella stuffed crust:

  • Particulate addition (for example herbs or meat chunks)
  • Colour control.
  • Flavour boost technology
  • Dimension control (diameter and length)
  • Blended cheeses (Secondary cheeses added to the mozzarella)

Commenting on the investment Director of NPD Pete Brain commented:

'This is a really exciting time for the whole business. We believe that this offers a superior solution than all competitors, and underlines our desire to proactively help key customers drive innovation.'